Rockfield Music Studios

Web Design / Video Manipulation / Hosting

01 Website

The legendary Rockfield Studios approached us to help them update their website utilizing a new promo video they had produced after the success of the Queen Bohemian Rhapsody film (after all it was recorded there). The brief is a 2 stage update, initially requiring a new holding page to go live to maintain the studios web presence, whilst in the background the main site can be developed.

Rockfield Responsive

02 Video

Working with the excellently filmed and produced video Rockfield supplied to us, we extracted key movements and feature scenes from throughout the video, muted audio playback and enabled cross browser, responsive playback for a full screen video experience when visiting the site.

03 Hosting

Part of the reason for the staged development on this project was to allow Rockfield Studios to centralize all of their email and hosting requirements. They now take advantage of our Business Grade Web and DNS Hosting and enjoy all the benefits of the Ultra Fast SSD servers we utilize for our network.

Peter Robinson
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